This app works great and the food is excellent. As a Chinese-American, I can attest to the authenticity of the food which is on par with the restaurants in Chinatown. In person -- the hot pot buffet is a must try -- very good for the $. Ordering out -- I recommend the "Beef with Chinese Veggie Chaw Fon (haw foon, wide rice noodles), the "Salt & Hot Pepper Pork Chop" (huge portion and great spice!), "Fried Crispy Tofu" (under Chef's Suggestion). Just make your white rice at home though as they charge a ridiculous $3 for a large box. Also, sometimes they may run out items -- I've had them call me after online ordering and I've had to change my noodle choice or the sushi chef was ill (seriously that happened twice to me). Overall though, I'm almost always happy with the meal.
Food is always fresh and good sized portion however, when I call and speak to someone at the restaurant regarding my order, it is quite difficult to communicate, as I have to repeat myself over 3 times regarding my order.
Awesome delicious, on time, polite service
Any questions please call us.